By Borodiin Baloch

David Ben-Gurion was the founder of the dispersed Zionist nation and regained the lost country and carved out Israel on the map of the world. Later, Menachem Begin revolted against British empire for the sake of Jews and his people protection. He owned his people, his nation under every circumstance. Today this became a cultural trend among Israeli politicians to protect and raise unanimous voice for their nation without pondering on the minor issues that which person is affiliated to which political party, but till today what matters for Benjamin Netanyahu or Israeli politicians is that their people and their protection throughout the world. Despite less-densely populated nation Zionists are holding strongest civilization and political lobby in the world. (As Huntington in his book ” Clash of civilizations” hold this opinion.

I wondered when I read in local and German media that the accused Naveed Baloch was found innocent and he had no terrorist link to any religious outfit, but he is affiliated with a Baloch political party. I thought it might be a political activist who has had an affiliation with Hairbyar Marri that’s why he raised voice for him. At first, I was disappointed that Hairbyar Marri like other Baloch politicians believes in party politics. But when I read somewhere and did some research about Naveed Baloch, I was shocked that he is a member of BNM. Indeed, Hairbyar Marri’s respect and image multiplied for me and I categorized him among above mentioned Israeli leaders. Hairbyar proved himself a national leader who help Baloch activists for being Baloch instead doing party politics.

But Alas! In my writing, BNM came before me as once Jews came under Adolf Hitler. Listen, Baloch nation what BNM did with their own member – All BNM members switched off their mobiles in different locations of Europe, especially in Germany as if Hitler popped out of his grave and was searching them.

They were probably in doubt that Naveed Baloch is a terrorist.

— BNM leadership abroad and their member cut off their political affiliation with Naveed Baloch just because their asylum might be canceled.

samir— Samir seemingly a staunch supporter of BNM even was excited on twitter about German media’s allegations against Naveed. His tweet was retweeted by Borhaan Arifee (Mureed Salem Albaloshi) who is another supporter of BNM in Canada.

Indeed, BNM and other silent spectators at abroad are betraying us by their habitual silent nature. They think for their politics not for the nation, if the thought for the nation then it is incumbent upon all of them to protect and raise voice for each Baloch. But no for them passport, Asylum and European life is far better than common Baloch. They merely pass political statements in newspapers and go for a photo session that’s is their service to Baloch nation. If anyone among us questions them, they start giving us examples of Chairman Ghulam Muhammad, Lala Munir etc. like PPP their manifesto is rendered to Bhuttoism.

If BNM is in the position, then answer the nation why they didn’t raise voice for Naveed Baloch? Whether Naveed Baloch is their party member or not?

I must address Naveed Baloch, you are the son of a Baloch, come forward and tell the entire nation whether BNM betrayed you or not. Differentiate between good and bad. They only need numbers and political scoring that’s their service not to the nation but to the personal stake of few among them. I must also address Dr. Allah Nazar, Your ideologically strong, a commander still benumbed, that’s not satisfactory for the nation. Indeed, the difference between a leader and politician. The politician thinks about another election and a leader thinks for the entire nation, and always think that his nation problem around the world is his own problem and it’s his moral, legal, and political duty to resolve it.

After receiving green signal BNM finally owned Naveed Baloch, but two hours before when they were satisfied that now they are secure. In their message they said friends should not politicize the issue, I must say your friends may not politicize it, but being a common Baloch I will individually drag you people and your falsehood policy to the nation. If you are satisfied by yourself then why you are afraid that don’t politicize it? Isn’t BNM a political party? Isn’t Naveed a political activist? So, what does it mean not to politicize his case?  It means there is something wrong or fishy, I alone challenge you all for an open debate and I am posting both writings on your page commit where you owned Naveed Baloch by drawing a red circle around him. Come for open debate, this policy to create the gap and wait for what comes first, if sweet is the news then the gap is filled if confusion is there then wait and watch. you can betray innocent Baloch our illiterate class but not those who know the art and craft of politics.