By Borodiin Baloch

Naveed Baloch was accused of Berlin terror attack but after the investigation, the German authorities declared him innocent. The chapter is over. But there are two approaches “before” and “after” in Naveed Baloch case.


Immediately after his arrest authorities without any proper investigation on media labeled him as a terrorist and linked Naveed Baloch to religious terror outfits. Shortly after his arrest, Hairbyar Marri owned Naveed Baloch like other civilized world leaders and raised voice for him. There arise few questions of “if” and “but”

(1). If suppose Naveed Baloch would have been affiliated with religious terror outfits, then what would happen?

(2). What would have been the political career of Hairbyar Marri, who is thriving for Baloch secular nation, lambasts religious terror outfits, but in the case of Naveed if he was guilty of what he was accused of, how Hairbyar would have faced the nation and the world. In fact, BNM, BRP and BSO-Azad who oppose him for nothing and criticize him for sake of criticism would have been the first ones to issue their fatwas against him, am I wrong then correct me. In fact, I have no political affiliation with any party.

(3). Hairbyar Marri’s approach for Naveed Baloch was not for political gains but it was a national duty because initially BNM backed off and showed reluctance to own Naveed Baloch despite being a member of their party. They were in hmm and huh policy.


When German authority announced that Naveed Baloch is innocent, after hours passed, BNM owned him. And left a message on social media:

(1) we request our friends to not to politicize the issue, we believe in democracy. (BNM Democracy! Controversial like BNM’s belief in democracy but says that our friend should not politicize the matter, isn’t it pseudo-democracy? Answer please!


I as common Baloch ask BNM what do you mean by politicizing the issue? Is it issue or question of national pride? If its an issue, then what you people are doing abroad? Enjoying asylum!  Indeed BNM, BRP, and BSO-Azad are politically immature. Naveed Baloch’s case was an opportunity for Baloch nation to highlight the Baloch cause on international media. Politically mature Hairbyar Murri took the risk and openly owned Naveed as a question of national pride but BNM routine fearsome imposed ill-politics put the opportunity in vain; let my analysis that how:

(1) In this case, German and European media was on air, Baloch could have internationalized this issue because we hardly get the attention of international media. Hairbyar Marri put his best effort but BNM statement that our friends should not politicize the issue. This ill-intentioned statement neither did any good to BNM itself nor let Hairbyar to promote the issue in international media, despite knowing that, how much risk it was for Hairbyar and how crafty and Hippocratic is BNM, thereby rendering a national pride issue null and void.

(2) When Hairbyar Marri raised issued before the German investigation and final report without fear, then where was BNM at that time, at hibernation phase? Or plotting a plan that let Naveed Baloch in a lurch might be he had had links with terror outfits and their asylum might cancel. indeed, fearsome has imposed upon them.

(3). An opportunity came before whole Baloch nation doorstep wise Hairbyar took the risk, immediately owned him because he might know how to internationalize the issue (My analytic approach as a political student), but BNM immature political approach and childish act and “for the sake of friendship” caused the nation to lose another opportunity.  Hairbyar Marri for sure in European media today Baloch created their name and promoted the cause and necessity of freedom. Moreover, the world got the message of “national pride and honor” of Baloch, that Baloch are like first world country who knew how to protect Baloch individuals worldwide.


The nexus 7 is a political alliance of BNM, BSO-Azad, BRP, BRSO, Nawab Mehran Marri, Sardarzada Javed Mengal, Sardar Bakhtiar Dumki and Nawab Bramdagh Bugti, the “Parties” and “Personalities” alliance. I ask all of them what was their input regarding Naveed Baloch case? Just silence which at the end is a betrayal. In fact, they all are victims of inferiority complex and still their political approach is like Pakistani politician who never support their nation if allegations are put on them.

I put it before the nation that the nexus 7 is betrayal today it’s justified because they are still not on the same page. Before Indian media nawab Bramdagh Bugti, Mehran Marri, Banuk Kareema and Hammal Haider deteriorated Baloch cause, just with one statement Nawab Bramdagh Bugti started documentation for Asylum huh! O you blockhead people! Look before you leap, that was the time to judge and understand the political scenario in India and Indian media. But the craze of fame and cheap talk that my favorite hero is this and that and I do a request to make a film on me huh! Indeed, after decades’ historian will pen-down that: “Revolution or liberation movement has committed suicide in Balochistan because characters were absurd”.

Nature always throw its sentiments to us, wise men pick them, modify them, remold them and made them cause and effect for a reason. But fool only kick them out but not to the wise so that at least he made it purposeful for all and fools also. Develop tolerance among yourselves if you people couldn’t handle a matter let the wiser ones to do it, but don’t put conditions like “Friendship” to hamper the national liberation movement.

You people are ill-equipped in international politics you need to read a bulk of books, be multi-dimensional in your approach. Address and admit the mistakes you conducted in Naveed Baloch case and in Indian media. See how Baloch are gaining weight-age in Afghanistan because there our policies are wise and worth-meaning. I am afraid your such policies might sabotage the decade-long liberation movement that’s a do or die situation for Baloch nation’s existence. Otherwise, Baloch would be like red Indians and aborigines on their own land.